Bistcho Lake Sub-Regional Task Force Appointments


In August 2019, NWSAR Committee received a letter from the Government of Alberta asking the Committee to appoint a representative to their newly established Bistcho Lake Sub-Regional Task Force. The Bistcho Lake area is home to the Bistcho Boreal Caribou herd, and this Task Force is responsible for working collaboratively to develop a set of recommendations for this Sub-Regional area, including action/recovery planning for the Bistcho Caribou.

This Task Force is one of three established by the Alberta Government, and representatives from several different industries and interest groups specific to the areas make up the Task Forces. NWSAR’s Chair is representing NWSAR, and NWSAR’s Vice Chair is representing Alberta Urban Municipalities Association on the Bistcho Lake Sub-Regional Task Force.

The Task Force work commenced in November 2019, with their recommendations anticipated to be delivered to the Government of Alberta by May 2020 prior to public consultation on this plan.