Video - Futures at Stake: NWSAR takes concerns to the Legislature

February 22, 2018

At the Alberta Forest Alliance rally in Edmonton, NWSAR Committee members Lisa Wardley, Deputy Reeve, Mackenzie County, and Terry Ungarian, Reeve, County of Northern Lights, urged Premier Notley to stand up for the working families of northwest Alberta by considering local knowledge and input into the government's caribou range plans.

In her speech, Lisa outlined the Committee's expectations for a socio-economic study that considers all aspects of the community including industry, local businesses and recreation before the range plans are finalized.

Terry spoke to the common-sense solutions that the Committee has put forward in its recommendations to government that will help the caribou, but not hurt the people who live in the northwest.

After the rally, Lisa fielded questions by reporters from both Global and CTV in a media scrum.