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The Alberta Government’s most recent caribou protection proposal could impact up to 38% of our region’s total landmass, through various measures and levels of restriction.

For example, 1.6 million hectares are tentatively designated for severe restrictions – which could be park space, conservation land or simply imposing even heavier restrictions. We believe this could greatly harm many of our working families and numerous supporting industries.

Our Committee is very concerned about the impact to our communities – especially with the potential loss of industrial activity and the numerous effects that would have on our families and communities.

During our NWSAR open houses that took place from January 5 – February 5, 2018 we heard loud and clear that citizens are not happy with the government’s most recent proposal to restrict a huge chunk of our land – especially since we already have – 52,000 sq kms of park space – that’s roughly the size of Nova Scotia!

The government is proposing their plans without first conducting a socio-economic study to understand the devastating impacts this move could have on our communities and livelihoods.

The public can give feedback directly to the provincial government through their public sessions and online survey.

We also heard that our citizens wanted additional ways for their voices to be heard. So in that spirit, we circulated a petition in our communities across the NWSAR region.

We had this petition tabled on March 19, 2018 in the Alberta Legislature:

"To the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembled: We the undersigned residents of Northwest Alberta petition the Legislative Assembly of Alberta to urge the Provincial Government of Alberta that before caribou range plans are adopted and submitted to the Federal Government for the northwest region of Alberta, a complete and full socio-economic assessment for the region is completed that includes: financial, recreational, and traditional impacts to communities, businesses and citizens as it relates to caribou range planning, and we further urge the Alberta Government to forgo any type of additional permanent conservation land designation in lieu of strategies that are focused on population recovery and include a multi-species approach."