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Action taken by industry and non-profits

The Town of Whitecourt brought forward this resolution that was endorsed by the AUMA.

The NWSAR Committee brought forward the following two resolutions that were endorsed by the AAMDC: 

add2-17F Completion of Alberta’s Land-use Framework Prior to Establishment of Conservation and Protected Areas for Species at Risk 

add3-17F Municipal Action on Caribou Recovery Planning

Read more about these resolutions here.

The Future of Species at Risk Policy is a Question of Credibility

September 13, 2017 – A coalition of municipal leaders, chambers of commerce, unions, and the forest sector are raising alarm bells that draft provincial species at risk policy will jeopardize jobs in northern and rural Ontario.

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August 3, 2017 Re: Urgent Need for Clear Process and Science-Based Outcomes to Support Caribou Recovery 

Dear Ministers: 

On behalf of Canada’s leading forest products companies and the 230,000 people we employ in hundreds of communities across the country, I am sending you an urgent letter requesting that the federal government give serious thought to adjusting the procedures and timing of its Caribou Recovery Strategy to achieve a more balanced and sustainable way forward for all. 

We believe that the current process could jeopardize thousands of jobs and the well-being of hundreds of communities all the while not achieving caribou recovery goals.  

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Cenovus has a project underway to help protect and restore wildlife habitat in northern Alberta. This includes the habitat of the Alberta Woodland Caribou, which is considered an endangered species in Alberta and is protected by the provincial Wildlife Act. Its population is declining.

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The fRI Research Caribou Program carries out applied research, in partnership with industry and the Government of Alberta, to help maintain caribou herds in Alberta into the future.

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Canadian Federal Policy

Alberta Provincial Policy