Thank you - Alberta Government pulling back caribou plans and engaging the federal government to find better solutions

As you have probably heard, the Alberta Government announced on March 19 that it is pulling back on its caribou protection plans.

Thank you to the people of northwest Alberta for being vocal, supporting NWSAR and standing up for our communities until the government listened. It is because of your strong voices that the government has changed directions.

We want to thank the Alberta Government for hearing the concerns of our citizens, pausing your plans and taking the time to now engage with the federal government on this matter. In particular, thank you to the Minister of Environment and Parks, her cabinet colleagues and the Premier and our local MLA Debbie Jabour for listening and taking the time to get this right.

We look forward to working with both levels of government to ensure northern Alberta continues to prosper within a healthy and sustainable environment – moving forward together to protect the caribou and our communities. We are here to help the Alberta Government carry this message to the federal government in Ottawa.

On March 19 the provincial government stated its intentions to first engage with the federal government to get support for conducting a socio-economic impact study for our region. This has been something the NWSAR Committee has been calling for – to better understand any potential impacts caribou recovery plans could have on our communities before making any plans.

Second, the Alberta Government stated it is suspending consideration of conservation land pending a further review and the outcome of a socio-economic study. This is all good news as it means we can slow-down and work on finding positive solutions for our region.

You can read the government’s full letter attached to this post for all the details.