On September 1st 2017, NWSAR Committee released a report entitled: “Recommendations for Boreal Woodland Caribou Population Recovery in Northwest Alberta”. This report was delivered to the Government of Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Parks and the Government of Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change for consideration.  

NWSAR made every effort to ensure information and data gathered during the research stages of this report were credible and as accurate as possible – all sources were listed in the report’s appendices. Our 180-page was authored by NWSAR’s administration and includes extensive contextual information about the NWSAR region, unique challenges associated with recovering Boreal Caribou in the Northwest, recommendations to overcome those challenges, and an assessment of the socio-economic landscape within the NWSAR region.  

The external expertise of Associated Environmental Consultants Inc., Paragon Wildlife Research and Analysis Ltd., DMC Consulting, RSG Consultants and Northumbria University were utilized in the development of this report.   

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