State of the Region Report Launch


During NWSAR’s response to the Government of Alberta’s Boreal Caribou Action Planning over the last three years, consistent concerns from several sources regarding lacking, inaccurate or old datasets being utilized for regional land-use planning, wildlife management planning, and socio-economic assessments drove NWSAR to pursue this project.

This is a collaborative project with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI), Natural Resources Canada, and CMR Consulting to develop three separate reports, which will feed into the final State of the Region Report we deliver to Alberta Municipal Affairs in late 2020.

The final deliverable will provide an overview of the NWSAR region with detailed information and data on historic/current land conditions, wetland type/change/status, biodiversity intactness, vegetation at risk of wildfire, historic snow/drought conditions, community health and well-being, business and employment, services and infrastructure. The ultimate goal of this project is to “drill-down” into the local landscape, developing on government statistics, to gain a fuller contextual understanding of economic, social and environmental needs and opportunities within our region.

We anticipate using this information for inter-municipal and regional land-use planning, economic development initiatives, and (hopefully) to more accurately assess any potential impacts from future large-scale planning initiated by higher levels of government. It is likely that a second phase would need to be added to the project to garner more informative datasets for use in computer modelling assessments.

This project is funded by Alberta Municipal Affairs and NWSAR Committee.