Boreal Caribou Open Houses 2018

BOREAL CARIBOU OPEN HOUSES JANUARY 2018 The October 2017 Federal Government deadline for Caribou Range Plans came and went, and Alberta (like most other jurisdictions) had not delivered on the Federal mandate. However, the Government of Alberta were still committed to establishing 1.8 million hectares of new permanent protected areas in Northwest Alberta for Boreal Caribou, with no management plan for […]

Boreal Caribou Open Houses 2017

BOREAL CARIBOU OPEN HOUSES MAY – AUGUST 2017 All Provincial and Territorial governments where Woodland Caribou reside were mandated by the Government of Canada to produce Caribou Range Plans for each individual herd by October 5th 2017. In the Spring of 2017, NWSAR decided to produce a Recommendations Report for Boreal Caribou recovery in Northwest Alberta, and submit it to the Federal and Provincial […]